Seven ways to tell if your cat is happy

Seven ways to tell if your cat is happy

Seven ways to tell if your cat is happy

Every cat is different

Cats can be notoriously difficult to please. If you’ve ever asked yourself “is my cat happy?”, you are not alone.

Sometimes it may feel obvious, when they curl up on your lap purring. Not all cats like close contact with humans though, but this doesn’t mean they aren’t showing signs of happiness or love. Just like humans, cats have their own individual personalities. Thankfully, there are body language signals or certain noises that you can look out for to know if your cat is truly happy.

1. A blink says a thousand words

For a happy cat, the eyes will be kept soft and relaxed, and may be partially closed or exhibiting a slow blink. A slow blink directed at you is the cat equivalent of a kiss!


2. Relaxed posture

This is when the cat is either standing, sitting or laying, but their body and tail will appear relaxed and loose. If they are sitting they may have their wrists turned inwards tucked under their body. If they are happy on greeting they may appear with their tail upright with a small kink or crook in the end (like a question mark). These are all signs of a happy kitty.


3. Grooming

Cats love to be clean. A happy and healthy cat will keep itself very clean, their coat will be well kept and their eyes bright and clean. If your cat is starting to not look their best, perhaps has matting or knotted fur, discharge around their eyes or nose or a mucky bottom, it is best to get them checked by a vet.

4. Eating

A happy and healthy cat should show a good appetite. If your cat is rubbing around your legs or meowing at you for dinner time, it’s a great sign they are relaxed and ready to be fed.


5. The cat trill

Anyone that owns a cat will be aware of just how loud they can be. If your cat is showing you a high pitched meow for attention, or is letting out the odd “prrrruptt” noise (known as a trill), these are all signs of a happy cat. Whilst the purr is often a great indicator of a happy relaxed feline, purring can also be observed when cats feel unwell or worried. Context and other behaviour signs are important to watch out for to determine what your cat is trying to tell you.

6. Play time

Kittie zoomies throughout the house or at 3am? Play is a good sign your cat is feeling happy and relaxed. Play with other cats should mostly be silent and claws should be away! If using a toy with your cat, make sure you allow them to catch it every now and then to prevent frustration build up.

7. Relaxed ears

You may have noticed just how much a cat's ears can move! But what does each position mean? Ears relaxed and forward mean a happy cat. If the ears are straight and turned out to the sides, your cat may be angry and should be given some space. The same goes for ears that are flattened to the head.

All of the above are great subtle signs your cat may show you when they are happy and relaxed. The more you practice looking for these signs, the better you will become at detecting their mood. Cats can be sensitive creatures that favour routine and they can easily become stressed or frustrated. They may also show very subtle signs when they are experiencing pain or feeling unwell.

"The more you practice looking for these signs, the better you will become at detecting their mood."

Signs of stress

A few signs of a worried or stressed cat can involve upset tummies, over grooming, toileting troubles, runny eyes or noses, excessively scratching furniture, and aggression. Similarly, if a cat is in pain or is feeling unwell they may withdraw from the household and sleep more than normal. They may also hide or become overly needy and dependent. Look out for changes to their appetite or drinking, as these signs are subtle and are easily overlooked.

If you are concerned about your cat at all, or have noticed a change in their behaviour, please call one of our vets who are online 24/7 through the Joii app

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