September 13, 2022

12 signs of pet pain

September is Animal Pain Awareness Month

And we want our pets be as happy and comfortable as possible.

Our pets can’t talk and tell us if something hurts.

So as caring pet parents, here are things we can all look for.

12 signs of pet pain

1. Over grooming

Excessive fussing, scratching or licking, especially to one part of the body. And sometimes to the point of soreness.

2. More ZZZs

Is your pet catching more sleep than usual or staying in their bed at odd times?

3. Changes in posture

Also called guarding. If your pet is hunching or protecting itself from certain movements, this could be a sign of pain.

4. Struggling to get up

Finding it harder or taking more time to get up and stand after sitting or resting.

5. Reduced running

Or slower running. Could there be a reason your pet doesn’t want to burst into full flight?

6. Less appetite

Refusal to eat or less desire for their favourite food or treats can be a sign that something’s not quite right.

7. Less snuggles

Does your pet shy away from grooming, stroking or touch that they usually love?

8. Feeling snappy

Higher levels of agitation, aggression, impatience or snarling might come from pain or discomfort.

9. Hiding away

Being evasive, finding new places to burrow, dodging playtimes or ignoring whistles or calls.

10. Depression

Disinterest, withdrawal, quietness or a reduction in enthusiasm.

11. Trembling or shaking

Keep an eye out for more quivers than you might expect in chilly weather, or during or after exercise.

12. Heavier breathing

Be alert to more panting, laboured or altered breathing patterns.

Next steps to keep your pet pain free

Use your free Pet Symptom Checker

Use the Joii app and see if there are symptoms you can identify more closely and for free. Take simple steps by answering simple questions. Our pet symptom checker can help you spot 160 common conditions and offers more than 7000 possible courses of action.

Keep an eye on behaviour

Sudden changes in how your pet behaves are the most obvious sign of a problem. Monitor your pet regularly and stay close and available. If something persists, maybe it’s time to speak to a Joii vet. Regular check-ups don’t hurt a bit.

Changing how me manage treatments

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