What is the cost of a trip to the vet?

What is the cost of a trip to the vet?

What is the cost of a trip to the vet?

Every pet parent knows that a poorly animal, as well as being upsetting, can really hit your wallet.

Costs are on the up too. New drugs and state-of-the-art treatments mean vet bills can sting. And these juicy costs arrive at times when we just don’t need them.

Here we look at how vet fees work, if it pays to compare, some real treatment prices, we’ll ask why people insure their pets and what happens if you can’t pay a vet bill.

But first, can we prevent vet costs?

At Joii we know the power of preventative care

This means we aim to prevent disease, we promote better environments for pets, we understand what breeds need what care, and we guide better lifestyle choices.

When you see a Joii vet, your pet benefits from a full, interactive health check from the comfort of your own home. All of our vets are RCVS registered and offer tailored treatment plans with expert tips.

Calls to Joii vets are just £24 at any time of day or night. And with some partner insurers, calls to Joii vets are free. Why? Because insurers believe in the power of preventative care too.

So, what is the cost of a trip to the vet?

Firstly, how do vet fees work?

Vet fees are not standardised in the UK, so they vary from one practice to the next. Costs are different due to where you live, the size of your pet, breed and age, conditions, treatments and the practice itself.

Does it make sense to compare vet costs?

You can check vet websites to look at charges and you can make phone calls. But vets are likely to avoid making commitments on costs without seeing your pet first. And this might include consultation fees and would mean stress for you and your pet. At Joii, if we can’t help you for whatever reason on a vet call, we can give you great recommendations.

Do vets charge just to see your pet?

Some vets charge upwards of £40 as an initial consultation fee. Some animal trusts and not-for-profits will see your pet without that upfront, but you may have to qualify for that kind of support.

What do vet treatments cost?

They range. And some are quite daunting. The Animal Trust is a not-for-profit with a pretty straightforward pricing structure. These prices are from their website in July 2022. But don’t forget that other costs can be incurred too.

  • Dog vaccine and worming £51
  • X-ray £369
  • CT scan £929
  • Fracture repair up to £1849
  • Hip replacement £5900


What happens if I can't afford a vet bill?

If your pet gets sick or injured and you are uninsured and can’t afford the bill, you might get help from the PDSA, Blue Cross or the RSPCA. If you’re on benefits, it could be worth asking the question.

Pet insurance

It can help. Joii works with some of the best pet insurers and this can be a real saviour when it comes to expensive treatments. Do a bit of research and find out what policies work best for you. But remember, you can’t buy insurance after you find a problem.

Preventative care helps

Choosing better pet healthcare routines, food, exercise plans and seeking earlier advice is one way to keep your vet bills down and to plan for potential problems.

Use Joii to help prevent pet health problems

UK pet owners are tapping into Joii. Joii gives you a completely free pet symptom checker. It gives you fast and online access to affordable vets. And you can order food, toys and other pet products in the app. The best part is that it’s all about preventative care.

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