Are you using your free Pet Symptom Checker?

Are you using your free Pet Symptom Checker?

Check health issues and change how you care for your pet

Change the world for you and your pet with some really nifty tech.


Behind the scenes at Joii HQ are teams of super clever vets, data scientists, AI professors and software aces all happily making pet care easier and more affordable for you.


How is this happening?



Take a minute to dream of a better pet care future

Pause for a moment.

Take a minute.

Imagine a future.

A happy, stress-free and pet-filled future.

And in this future, imagine there’s a simple, free-to-use, pet symptom checker that puts pet knowledge in your hands, saves you time and money and is always there. All the time.


Now imagine that this futuristic tool is clinically validated by vets.

And then imagine this supertool reduces stress on vets and helps them prioritise their busy workloads, making their lives lots and lots simpler to manage.


And…imagine this…it allows pet parents like you, the world over, to quickly understand the most common pet health problems and take the right course of action.


All for free!


Well…we have some pretty splendid news for you.


The future is here.

Meet Joii's groundbreaking Pet Symptom Checker

Our simple and free tool lets you check symptoms, identify health issues and get the best advice from vets. Tap multiple choice questions to find out what your pet problem is. Find tips and treatments and know when you need to get help. The pet symptom checker gives you guidance, reassurance and education. And every pet parent should have it on their smartphone.

How advanced is our pet symptom checker?

Very! Use it and see for yourself. It identifies more than 160 common conditions in cats and dogs with more than 7000 possible outcomes. It’s informed by veterinary professionals and it’s checked by our clinical veterinary team. It’s constantly updated with new insights, new tech and new ways of checking and verifying symptoms.

It makes pets of the future healthier

Pets of the future? Now this is really clever. If your pet’s poorly and you use the pet symptom checker, sometimes we ask you to upload a photo or a video so we can look more closely. And every time you upload, you contribute to a healthier future for pets everywhere. How?

We use self-learning AI technology to better understand symptoms

We study pain levels in the faces of cats, we look at how dogs walk with arthritis, we see how skin conditions heal and we learn what animals are more likely to have what problems and when. It’s terribly clever.

What symptoms can the symptom checker checker?

More than 160 conditions and counting. Anything from breathing problems to ears and from poisons to mobility. Click on the area of concern and answer the quick questions. The pet symptom checker will help you get clear on the condition in no time at all.

What happens when the pet symptom checker identifies a condition?

It suggests a course of action, a treatment, some advice or gives you reassurance.

What if my pet has a more serious problem?

We hope it doesn’t, but you’ll be in the right place. If you’ve answered the questions and it seems like you should escalate an issue, Joii nurses are in the app and Joii vets are available 24/7.

Smart stuff for smart pet owners on your smartphone

Join our mission to improve the lives of pets, vets and people. We’re making high quality pet healthcare accessible and affordable for all. Wellbeing is a huge priority, we fight for the rights of vets and we believe in choice. With groundbreaking AI we’re changing the pet care future.

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