Keep your cat cool this summer

Keep your cat cool this summer

Pet parenting tips for heat relief

Our cats can suffer in the heat.

So we decided to share some simple tips to keep our feline friends feeling fresh.

Enjoy, pet parents.

Ice cube treats

Pop your cat's favourite treats and some water into ice cube trays. Pop them out for a cooling and delicious, lickable treat. Nom nom nom.

Use a pet safe sun cream

Sensitive areas of skin can benefit from a little sun cream, especially if your cat is fair. Apply to nose, tips of ears, belly and groin or any places with thin fur. Don't forget, most pets are allergic to human SPF, so make sure you use pet safe sun cream.

Cooling cloths

Looking after your cat with a cool damp cloth can be a heaven send. Offering your cat the option to cool now and then can offer welcome respite. It’a also a nice chance to connect.

Groom to cool

Knots, lagged hair or too much hair can cause extra heat. Keeping your cat prim and proper in the summer months is good pet parenting.

Lots of shade

Be careful that the spaces your cats love are well protected from the sun. Give your cat options with shade and without.

Keep your cat well watered

Hydration stations everywhere. Stay on top of your cat’s access to water. Their bowl should always be brimming. You could even put down a few more for good measure.

Keep the inside cool

Circulate the air. And make sure there’s fresh air even if you’re not home. This could mean temperature control, closed curtains, or strategically open vents or windows.

Don't over stimulate

Favourite toys could become too exciting on the hottest days. Match play to the weather. If it’s hot, food puzzles could be better than a feather or a wand.

Cool, dark hiding places

Put treats, a bed, or your cat’s favourite toys in a cool and safe place to encourage them to find it. Argh, now isn't that better?

Check your shed

If your cat likes to sneak away and hide in a favourite place, be aware. Don’t lock your cat anywhere without access to water.

Good weight management

Heavier cats are more likely to suffer in the heat. Accurate food measurements and tailored diet plans are the best natural preventative approach. Why not download the Joii app and join one of our free weight management clinics?

Know the signs of exhaustion and heat stroke

Your cat can overheat and it pays to know the signs. Panting, excessive paw licking and lethargy can develop to dribbling and foaming at the mouth. If you have any concerns about heat stroke, treat it as an emergency and call a vet.

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