Joii in numbers

Joii in numbers

June 29th 2022 is National Statistics Day.

So we’ve scratched our brains and looked at some of ours.

From the outside, Joii looks super simple. And that’s the way we love it.

But behind the scenes, it takes a futuristic-super-network of vets, nurses, data scientists, ideas legends, AI professors, software wizards and Happiness Officers to wangle the app to your smartphone.

These stats are changing by the second, but are fascinating nonetheless.

Let’s get geeky.

160 symptom checker conditions

Our free-to-use pet symptom checker is carefully curated by veterinary professionals to help pet owners deal with 160 common conditions in cats and dogs. And counting. And if you can’t find the answer immediately, then vets are on hand.

1,700+ products in our app

Shop for industry leading toys, treatments, treats and more and have them delivered to your door in compostable packaging that’s great for earthworms, flowers and birds. Make things super simple by subscribing for regular foods and treatments like flea, tick and worm busters.

6.5 minutes

This is the average wait for a vet call through the Joii app. And we’re working on making it even shorter. That sure beats packing up a poorly pet, heading across town through traffic and sitting in a practice waiting room with other upset animals.

75% mental health improvement

A big motivation for us at Joii is making life better for veterinary professionals. In a recent survey, 75% of Joii employees said their mental health had improved while working with us. That’s happy news.

1.6 million decision nodes

Our pet symptom checker is absolutely awesome and super complex. Behind the scenes we have vets, nurses, data scientists, AI professors, software developers and researchers doing all sorts of technical and clinical sorcery. All so you can ask simple questions and find fast answers.

1 groundbreaking AI parent company

Joii is powered by the innovative vets, leading academics, tech entrepreneurs and pet lovers at Vet AI, one of the UK’s most disruptive, game-changing and innovative digital technology pioneers.

According to the Oxford English Dictionary, cor is derived from Welsh and means dwarf. And gi means dog.

7489 triage solutions

Your pet is unique. And when they have a health problem, they need individual attention and tailored care. When you use Joii’s pet symptom checker, you experience a highly sophisticated and interactive tool that directs you to a multitude of very specific solutions.

100% clinically validated

Every piece of help and advice given through the Joii app comes from our vets. You can’t always trust information on the web, but inside the Joii app, you know everything comes from a qualified source.

365 days per year

We’re always here. When you download Joii to your mobile phone, you’re connecting to 24/7 support from RCVS Registered vets around the year. Mobile pet care in your pocket for every eventuality.

5.0 app store rating

Joii is a ‘Game changer’, a ‘Fantastic service’ and our customers are, ‘Glad to see a vet so quickly’. Five stars from 5k ratings is no mean feat and we’re super happy you love what we’re doing.

Get closer to pet care with Joii

Join our mission to improve the lives of pets, vets and people. We’re making high quality pet healthcare accessible and affordable for all. Wellbeing is a huge priority, we fight for the rights of vets and we believe in choice. With groundbreaking AI we’re changing the pet care future.

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