International Dog Day. Make it one to remember.

International Dog Day. Make it one to remember.

26th August every year is International Dog Day.

What will you do to celebrate?

We have neatly packed a lucky 14 super ideas to make yours go with a woof.

So go on, make International Dog Day one to remember.

International Dog Day

1. Be with your dog the whole day

We all have to do things without our dog occasionally, but your dog would hang out with you every minute of every day given the chance. They will love the extra bonding time.

2. An extra special dog walk

Today's the day. Make your dog your number one priority and take them out to the back fields, the woods, the lake or wherever they are at their very happiest and best.

3. Did someone say dog party?

Throw all the stops out. Friends over. Favourite treats. Party games. WhatsApp all your pet parents and get them to bring their doggos for park or gadren adventure time.

4. Strike a pose

Everyone loves dog photos. There's something wrong if they don't. Tag @joiipetcare with your animal snaps on social media. Maybe you could even book a professional shoot to celebrate International Dog Day? Now there's an idea.

5. Adopt a dog - the big one

It's one of the biggest commitments you could ever make. But a brilliant and rewarding one too. And what better day to mark the occasion. Adopting a dog is giving a dog a chance for its best life. But you won't just change their life, you'll change yours too.

6. Volunteer at a dog shelter

Offer some time to play with the dogs, clean their living spaces, feed them and just generally make a whole load of new furry pals.

7. Prepare some special food

What does your dog love to eat the most? Try preparing or serving a favourite food in a new and exciting way. Bake dog treats or make a foody treasure hunt in the garden. We want saliva everywhere.  

8. Get a GPS tracker

Upgrade dog safety with some nifty location tech. Hardly the most fun gift for your dog, but super practical for the more careful or gadget-happy dog lover.

9. Treat your dog to a new toy

We’ve loads to choose from in the Joii pet shop (in our app). Toys for fetching, water play, puzzles or chewing.

10. Build a dog den

Celebrate your dog with a new hangout space. Make it fit for royalty. Fill it with soft cushions, toys and treats. You could even put some pet chillout music on Spotify.

11. Make it grooming day

Pamper your dog and make them feel like a million dollars. A bit of brushing, shedding, nail care and maybe even a hair trim. For them, it's all about connection and quality you time.

12. Just your very best care and attention

This is all your dog wants. Quality time with their favourite human in all the world. You!

13. A fancy new collar?

Make your dog the leader of the fashion pack. Out with the old and in with the new. A spanking new collar can make your dog look the part, stay clean and keep safe.

14. Chilling out for once

Life is busy and sometimes we forget to just stop and chill. Rather than bursting around your usual walk, why not just go and have a hangout with your dog? Sit down in the park, ponder the world together and take the pressure out of everything.

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