International Cat Day. 10 Ways To Celebrate.

International Cat Day. 10 Ways To Celebrate.

International Cat Day. 10 ways to celebrate.

8th August every year is International Cat Day.

So why not mark the occasion?

Here are ten absolutely tailspinning ideas to have your cat feline special.

(Yes, we really said that. Sorry!)

Anyway, here we go.

1. Adopt a cat

Welcome a cat into your home. It’s the perfect way to celebrate International Cat Day. Give a lucky cat a lifetime of love and improve your well-being while you’re at it. Cats are a lifelong comittment, so we only encourage adoption if you are 100% ready!

2. Book a feline photo shoot

Yes! Carefully curated cat photo shoots go down a storm on social media. Don’t forget to tag @joiipetcare with your family snaps.

3. Throw a cat party (for just your cat!)

Why didn’t we all think of this earlier? Cats LOVE classical music, so whack some on the radio and have a mini party with your cat.

4. Volunteer at a cat shelter

Play with the cats up for adoption, clean cages and feed the little monsters. Make a full clowder of new cat buddies.

5. Bake some cat treats

Every cat deserves a home made din-din from time to time. Spoil your feline by getting your cuisine on. Tuna cookies. Oatmeal and pork crunchies. Or why not try our very own carrot and catnip biskits recipe?

6. Get a GPS tracker

Upgrade kitty safety with some brand spanking location tech. Hardly the most fun gift but super practical for the more serious or gadget-happy cat lover.

7. Buy your cat a new toy

We’ve loads to choose from in the Joii pet shop. Great ideas with equally brilliant names like the Kong Catnip Hedgehog, Cat Curlz Teaser or Fat Boy Scratcher.

8. Make a hangout shelf

It’s a thing. Put up shelves especially for your cat to hide, explore and scratch to its heart content. We asked around the Joii team, and if we were cats, we’d want a hangout shelf.

9. Brush your cat

Get rid of excess fur and hairballs. Mmmm, yes please. A little pamper goes a long way on International Cat Day. Strokey strokey little cat.

10. Last but not least, buy a sparkly new collar

Make your cat look the part. Scruffy cats will be amazed at your fancy new cat as it tiptoes around the garden in all its new and shiny brilliance. Never again will your cat suffer the shame of a weathered collar. #fancycats

And all this thanks to International Cat Day. Have a good one y'all.

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