Halloween safety for cats

Halloween safety for cats

Halloween is one of the scariest nights of the year - but it doesn’t have to be that way for our cats. Here are four tips to ensure you and your cat have a safe 31st October.

1. Be mindful of sweets

Extra sweets in the house are inevitable at Halloween, especially if you have trick or treaters in the area. It’s important to keep all sweets and chocolate treats in sealed containers and stored safely away in a cupboard. Keep an eye on ingredients in the sweets such as 'xylitol' ‘birch sugar’ or 'E967'; these will be written on the wrapping. These sweeteners are poisonous to cats (even in small amounts), causing a sudden drop in blood sugar that can lead to collapse and fits.

2. Keep an eye on glow sticks

We know that glow sticks can help to create the spooky vibes, but they also contain a chemical that can be very irritating to the gums and tummy of a cat. If chewed or eaten, they can cause drooling or foaming at the mouth, vomiting and stomach pain. Although severe poisoning is rare, we recommend being checked by a vet if your cat has come into contact with any.

3. Go easy on the decorations (and candles)

We all love a cozy fire lit room during autumn, or a twinkling Jack-O'-Lantern at Halloween. For our cats these can pose a risk and create safety concerns.

The twinkling flame can encourage cats (especially young ones) to want to play. Hot candles and oils can cause burns to the skin, mouth and insides causing cats to become very unwell. Similarly, cats can easily knock these off onto flammable surfaces in the home.

Fake spider webs and other Halloween decorations can cause a blockage in the stomach or guts when cats manage to chew or eat it. Minimise the risk by keeping decorations out of reach. If your cat has potentially eaten something they shouldn’t have - contact a vet as soon as possible.

4. Increase road safety measures

The increase in the number of strangers out and about at night in groups (and in scary costumes) can be stressful for cats. If they are an indoor-only cat, make sure they are secure when opening the door to any trick or treaters as this could cause them to bolt. If your cat has free access to the outside, it's a good idea to set a night time curfew as the night draws in, as they can become easily spooked when out which may lead to road accidents. Always check their microchip details are up to date so any lost pets can easily be reunited.


There are a number of other hazards to be mindful of during Halloween. Use the dedicated Symptom Checker on Seasonal Hazards in the Joii app to find out more.

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