Mikki Deluxe Training Dog Treat Bag


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The Mikki Deluxe Training Dog Treat Bag is designed for convenient, single-handed access to your dog's treats during training sessions. This bag helps keep your pockets crumb and odor-free while providing extra storage for personal items. Its adjustable belt strap and easy snap open/close feature make it an ideal accessory for any dog training activity.

Key Benefits

• Removable inner treat bag is machine washable, keeping the bag clean and hygienic.

• Extra pockets are perfect for storing personal items like keys, phone, or clicker.

• Fully adjustable belt strap ensures a comfortable fit for all users.

• Easy snap open/close feature for quick access to treats during training.

• Keeps your clothes and pockets free from stains and odors

How to Use

• Fit the bag around your waist using the adjustable belt strap.

• Open the snap closure to access treats with one hand while using a clicker or holding your dog with the other.

Mikki Deluxe Training Dog Treat Bag