BUSTER Body Suit for Cats


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The BUSTER Body Suit for Cats is a soft, protective garment designed to prevent cats from licking, scratching, or biting wounds, surgical sites, or skin conditions. This body suit serves as an alternative to the traditional Elizabethan collar (E-collar), offering more comfort and freedom of movement for your pet.


Made from breathable, stretchable fabric, the suit provides a snug yet comfortable fit, ensuring your cat can move naturally while protecting sensitive areas.


The BUSTER Body Suit is ideal for post-surgery recovery, wound care, or managing dermatological conditions.

Key Benefits

• Protects wounds and skin conditions, preventing your pet from licking or scratching.

• Made from breathable, stretchy material for maximum comfort and mobility.

• Easy to put on and take off, with a secure fit that stays in place.

• Reduces stress and anxiety by providing a calming, snug fit.

• Machine washable for easy cleaning and maintenance.

How to Use

• Measure your pet to choose the correct size using the size guide provided.

• Gently slip the suit over your pet’s head and guide their legs through the designated openings, ensuring a snug but comfortable fit.

BUSTER Body Suit for Cats