Ancol Heritage Nylon Lead


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Ancol Heritage Nylon Lead is an essential accessory for walking your canine companion. Featuring a durable and weather-proof trigger hook, this lead ensures secure attachment to any collar. Designed with a padded, breathable, and comfortable neoprene handle, it provides ergonomic handling for everyday walks and training sessions.

Key Benefits

• Made from high-quality nylon with a weather-proof trigger hook for long-lasting use.

• Features a padded, breathable handle for ergonomic and comfortable handling during walks and training.

• Easy to attach to any collar, making it perfect for everyday use and training sessions.

How to Use

• Attach the Ancol Padded Nylon Lead to your dog's collar using the satin-finished trigger hook clasp.

• Ensure it is securely fastened before beginning your walk.

• Use the padded neoprene handle for a comfortable and firm grip while guiding your dog.

Ancol Heritage Nylon Lead