Speak to a vet, 24/7 for just £24.

Plus, get your money back if you still need to visit a vet clinic in person.  

What can Joii vets do remotely?

A lot, surprisingly! Including...

- Tummy issues (vomiting & diarrhoea)
- Behaviour issues
- Urinary issues
- Diet & weight management issues
- Joints and mobility
- Skin conditions

Ok I'm listening. Tell me more...

Free Pet Symptom Checker

Made by vets, for pets

Connect to a vet in minutes

All from the sofa

Plus, free nurse health clinics

Specialised care, for free!

But what can't I do at home?

As our consults are remote, we can't treat every condition. This includes:

- Prescribing medicine
- Cancers & tumors
- Chronic kidney diseases
- Poisons, (grape & raisin, rat bait/rodenticide, antifreeze/ethylene glycol)
- Cardiorespiratory (heart failures)
- Neurological conditions (epilepsy, spinal diseases, etc)

As featured in...

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