Buster Dog Maze Bowl


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The Buster Dog Maze Bowl is a unique and interactive feeding bowl designed to stimulate your dog's mind while promoting slower eating habits. Available in multiple colors and sizes, this bowl is perfect for both standard and mini breeds. The maze design encourages your dog to use their problem-solving skills to access their food, making mealtime both fun and challenging.

Key Benefits

• Slows down eating to prevent bloating and indigestion.

• Stimulates mental activity and reduces boredom.

• Promotes healthy eating habits by encouraging your dog to take their time.

• Durable and easy to clean.

• Available in a variety of colors (Black, Grey, Blue, Lime, Pink) and sizes (Standard and Mini) to suit different preferences and dog breeds.

How to Use

• Scatter the desired amount of dry food or treats throughout the maze.

• Allow your dog to use their paws, nose, and tongue to navigate the maze and retrieve their food.

Buster Dog Maze Bowl