Winter safety for cats

Winter safety for cats

Cats love to keep cosy. As the temperatures start to fall, it's important to be prepared for the risks winter months hold. Here are three simple tips you can be aware of to keep your cat safe and warm this winter.

1. Be mindful of antifreeze poisons

This is a warning given every year, but an important one! Antifreeze is extremely toxic to dogs and cats, even in the smallest amounts. Unfortunately it's also particularly appealing to them. To avoid any accidents, keep bottles stored safely, out the way and deal with any spills immediately.

2. Cars + cats = risky

Going for a drive? Tap on car bonnets before starting the engine. Cats love to curl up in the cosy engine bay to snooze. A tap on the hood first gives them time to escape injury. On top of this, use this season to make sure their microchip details are up to date if anything does happen.

3. Make changes in the home

If your cat's toilet habits are typically outside, pop litter trays inside the home so they don't have to venture out if it is too cold or dark. Older cats may benefit from a garden potting tray if their joints are stiffening.

An obvious one, but summer bedding won't cut it in winter. Provide warm spots, comfy beds and blankets (or radiator beds) to help your cat stay warm when at rest.

And if you have an outdoor cat, make sure to provide a snuggly outdoor shelter where they can retreat in bad weather.

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