Baskerville Classic Anti Scavenge Dog Muzzle


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Baskerville Anti Scavenge Muzzle is a robust and humane solution for managing and training dogs in various situations. Its unique design allows dogs to pant, drink, and play comfortably while preventing scavenging of food and wildlife.


Ideal for visits to the vet, public transport travel, and daily walks, this muzzle is suitable for small, medium, and large dogs, including long-nosed breeds, available in variety of sizes:


Size 3: H17 x W4 x D12cm
Size 4: H17 x W5 x D12cm
Size 7: H17 x W9 x D23cm

Key Benefits

• The padded nose piece and lightweight design ensure your dog's comfort while maintaining robust safety.

• The additional guard insert prevents dogs from scavenging food and wildlife, enhancing safety during walks.

• Suitable for various situations, including vet visits, public transport, and daily walks, making it a reliable choice for managing or training aggressive or nervous dogs.

How to Use

• Secure the Baskerville Anti Scavenge Muzzle over your dog's snout, ensuring the padded nose piece is comfortably positioned.

• Adjust the straps for a snug fit. Use the additional guard insert to prevent scavenging during walks or post-surgery wound licking.

• Ensure your dog can pant and drink freely.

Baskerville Classic Anti Scavenge Dog Muzzle