Peptivet Oto Gel

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Ensure your pet's ears are clean, healthy, and free from infections with Peptivet Oto Gel. This advanced ear gel is specifically formulated for dogs and cats, providing effective antimicrobial protection and soothing care for optimal ear hygiene.


• AMP2041 (Antimicrobial Peptides): Potent antimicrobial peptides that target and eliminate bacteria and fungi.

• Tris-EDTA: Enhances the effectiveness of the antimicrobial peptides and helps to break down biofilms.

• Glycerin: Provides moisturizing benefits, ensuring the ear canal remains hydrated and comfortable.

• Propylene Glycol: Ensures deep penetration into the ear canal for thorough antimicrobial action.

Key Benefits

• Antimicrobial Protection: Contains antimicrobial peptides that help eliminate bacteria and fungi, reducing the risk of ear infections.

• Soothing Relief: Provides soothing relief for irritated and inflamed ears, promoting comfort for your pet.

• Long-Lasting Action: Formulated to provide prolonged antimicrobial action, ensuring lasting protection.

• Easy to Apply: Gel format allows for precise application and adherence to the ear canal.

• Vet Recommended: Trusted by veterinarians for managing and preventing ear infections in pets.

How to Use

• Preparation: Shake the bottle well before use.

• Application: Tilt your pet’s head to one side and gently apply the gel into the ear canal using the applicator tip.

• Massage: Gently massage the base of the ear to help distribute the gel evenly and ensure thorough coverage.

• Allow: Let your pet shake its head to help the gel spread throughout the ear canal.

• Wipe: Use a clean cotton ball or soft cloth to wipe away any excess gel from the outer ear.

• Frequency: Use as directed by your veterinarian, typically once or twice daily for a specified period or as needed for maintenance.

Peptivet Oto Gel

£26.17 £34.22 23% Off