Otodine Ear Solution

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Ensure your pet’s ears are clean, healthy, and free from infections with Otodine Ear Solution. Specially formulated for dogs and cats, this ear solution is used to remove excess wax in dogs and cats whilst providing effective cleaning and antimicrobial protection to maintain optimal ear hygiene.


• Chlorhexidine Digluconate: An antiseptic that helps eliminate bacteria and fungi, reducing the risk of infections.

• Tris-EDTA: Enhances the effectiveness of Chlorhexidine and disrupts biofilms, allowing for better penetration and action.

• Propylene Glycol: Provides deep cleaning and moisturizing benefits, ensuring thorough ear hygiene.

• Purified Water: Ensures the solution is gentle and safe for regular use.

Key Benefits

• Antimicrobial Protection: Contains Chlorhexidine and Tris-EDTA, which work together to combat bacteria and fungi.

• Gentle Cleaning: Effectively removes dirt, wax, and debris without causing irritation.

• pH Balanced: Maintains the natural pH balance of your pet’s ears, preventing discomfort and promoting a healthy ear environment.

• Easy to Use: Comes with a convenient applicator for precise and easy application.

• Vet Recommended: Trusted by veterinarians for maintaining ear health and preventing infections.

How to Use

• Preparation: Shake the bottle well before use.

• Application: Lift your pet’s ear and apply the solution generously into the ear canal.

• Massage: Gently massage the base of the ear for a few minutes to help distribute the solution and loosen debris.

• Wipe: Use a clean cotton ball or soft cloth to wipe away excess solution and debris.

• Frequency: Use regularly, as recommended by your veterinarian, to maintain ear health and prevent infections.

Otodine Ear Solution

£17.19 £27.12 36% Off