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of pet issues can be solved via videocall with a qualified vet, which is why Joii provides both in-app and in-practice care. Cool, right?

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Founded by vets in 2018, we believe in pets & people before profit.

That means great pet care without it costing silly money or taking months to get an appointment. That's why we set more affordable pricing. That's why we give everyone access to trusthworthy care and advice through the Joii app.

We're on a mission to revolutionise pet care.

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The latest technology, bringing you affordable & accessible pet care. Less stress, more Joii.

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Consult a Joii vet online for £28, or free if you're insured with one of our partners. Or use our free symptom checker and get immediate qualified advice on next steps.

🟢 332,639 pets registered on Joii

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