A clinical study to support your cat's cancer journey

Volunteer for our life-changing Cat Cancer Support Food Study.

Why join us

  1. 1. Help cats

  2. You'll help your cat, as well as other felines diagnosed with cancer.
  1. 2. Free pet care

  2. Remote healthcheck and consults from Joii vets and nurses.
  1. 3. Free food

  2. You'll receive free study food for the 10-week study and for 12 months after completing the study.
  1. 4. £100 Amazon voucher

  2. As a thank you for your help, you'll get a £100 Amazon voucher at the end of the study.

The clinical study

  1. 1. Register

  2. Check if you & your cat qualify by filling out the form below.
  1. 2. Speak to a Joii vet

  2. Attend a free video consult to confirm you're eligible and ask any questions you have.
  1. 3. Medical history check

  2. All you need to do is contact your vet practice to ask them to send us your cat's medical history
  1. 4. Food delivery

  2. You'll receive your food for the study and 2 scales, all free.

We're looking for 30 UK-based cats who have unfortunately been diagnosed with malignant cancer to take part in our life-changing study.

Over a 10-week period, you'd be testing a brand new food designed to support cats with cancer to see if it can help increase appetite and stop weight loss.

What we're looking for

Your cat

Has been diagnosed with cancer

Is at least 1-year-old

Will eat dry food

Is not an outdoor only cat

Is not pregnant or nursing


Willing to provide your cat's medical history

Answer a few questions in the Joii app

Able to monitor your cat over 10 weeks

Can attend check-ins remotely

Concerned about your cat?

If you're unable to join the study but are concerned about your cat, talk to a vet. Consult a Joii vet online for £28, or for free if you're insured with one of our partners.

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